WHo We are

We’re not the sort of PR agency that sends curling wands out to influencers. We are a team of passionate PR professionals using our craft to leave a positive mark on the world. We are known for our high-energy (even at 4am media calls) and our ‘never say die’ attitude. Best of all, we have plenty of fun along the way!



Ash is GoodPR’s chief strategist. Developing strong media angles with creative flare is her forte. Her motto is ‘if it’s obvious, it’s wrong’. She likes to think outside the square and ensure everything we do, write and create is delivered with maximum impact. 

She began her career in politics, working for many years in Parliament House in Canberra across all aspects of media, communications and campaigns. Prior to starting GoodPR, Ash also worked in media and comms roles within the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. 

Ash has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) and a Master of Arts (Communication Management) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Ash loves sunshine and saltwater. She loves to travel, eat delicious food, mix up her own cocktails and binge a great series on Netflix. She is happiest when spending time with her little family – husband Col, baby boy Jesse and fur baby Chips.




Patty is GoodPR’s most persistent pitcher and chief organiser. Patty can project manage like no other, always effortlessly juggling multiple balls in the air. She is known for her relentless pursuit of results – she won’t stop until she knows the clients will be suitably impressed.

Also beginning her career in politics, Patty spent a decade working across events, business communications and fundraising. It was there that she developed her thick skin, her unrivalled work ethic and her ability to translate into fundraising dollars.

Patty skipped the undergrad stage and went straight into her Masters, holding a Master of Arts (PR) from UNSW.

Patty is the proud mother to two beautiful girls, Harper and Edie, and dog-mum to a Dachshund named Freddie. She is a self-confessed shopaholic who loves a night out on the town, a day at the beach or a weekend cleaning and organising her house.


Senior PR & Events Manager

Nina is a star all-rounder, well-versed in all aspects of PR and event management. She previously worked in the travel and automotive industries and made the jump to agency side with GoodPR.

She’s a gun at all things project management and logistics. She also has the gift of the gab, being able to talk her way into the newsroom and secure prime media placement for our clients.

Nina is simply a delight to work with. She juggles multiple projects with extreme efficiency, a big smile and a (usually very loud) laugh.

She is a total social butterfly, loving Mum to Indigo and Arlo and a massive hippy at heart. She knows Her office nickname is ‘Harmony’ because you’ll often find her at a 5am yoga class or soaking her crystals in the moonlight.

Kyla-Rose booth

Media & Communications Manager

Kyla-Rose is our PR and marketing hybrid! Her dynamic personality, creative flair and ‘will not quit’ attitude means that doing whatever it takes to meet our clients’ expectations comes naturally.

Her passion for the media space runs deep, with her career starting as a journalist in a bustling newsroom Kyla has now found herself obsessed with all things PR and communications.

On a day-to-day basis, Kyla-Rose can be found pitching to newsrooms, facilitating and managing media opportunities and implementing engaging social media strategies,  (all from the office bean bag, of course!)

Come Friday evening, you will find Kyla-Rose either hitting a new PB at the gym or mentally preparing to eat EVERYTHING on the menu at the newest,  most ‘Instagrammable’ dinner spot. 


Events & PR Coordinator

Jacqui is Good PR’s Office Manager and team support. In true Libra form, she thrives on making things orderly and aesthetically pleasing. On a day in the office, you can catch her writing up reports, sending out media releases, collating data and contacting talent.

With a background in the events and technology space her key strengths include attention to detail, processes, organisation and getting sh*t done.

On the weekend you can find her exploring different beaches, hiking or sneaking off to a quick pilates class. She loves summer, the outdoors and a sneaky wine or two when the sun goes down.


Media & Communications Manager

Maddie is GoodPR’s PR and communications all-rounder! She’s driven, with a ‘head down, bum up’ attitude. She’s a hustler in every sense of the word!

With a background in PR and Digital Marketing she’s a guru of all trades – from influencer engagement, copywriting, social media strategy, graphic design and everything in between. An agile team member – she’s a doer and a dreamer!

Come the weekend, you will find Maddie dressing up and heading out to explore the latest bottomless brunch spot on Urban List. She is a proud fur-Mum to her Cavocker puppy, Cali.


Events & PR Manager

Jess is a highly energetic and details-oriented Event Manager with 13 years’ experience. She was eager to continue building on her events career, whilst dipping her toe in the PR world!

Jess loves nothing more than the feeling of finishing events and making her clients happy. Her favourite saying is “If Plan A didn’t work the alphabet has 25 more letters”.

Jess is the female of her household of boys with her partner Tim, cheeky son Cody and dog Gino. She loves days at the beach followed by a night out on the town enjoying some good food and wine with friends before hitting the dancefloor.


Media & Communications Manager

Troy joined the GoodPR crew in late 2022 after starting his career as a sports journalist, trading NRL matches for the fulfillment of amplifying amazing causes.
A quiet achiever who loves to learn, Troy’s work includes pitching to newsrooms, crafting press releases and organising media opportunities.
Away from the office, Troy enjoys hacking his way around a golf course, shooting the breeze over a quiet beer, watching sport and hanging out at home with his three pets.


Chips Addison

CAVOODLE  – 02.03.20

Chips is a COVID 2020 lockdown puppy!

He loves being on boats and days at the beach. He hates the car and is terrified of windy days.

Chips is a pampered pooch and expects the best, which means mostly human food!

He will do absolutely anything for a Vitapet Milky Stick. Some of his most impressive tricks are ‘dance’, ‘smile’ and ‘bang/play dead’.

Freddie Barrett

DACHSHUND – 21.07.19

Freddie arrived at his furever home in 2019, after Patty’s daughter Harper developed a fascination with sausage dogs. 

He loves tummy rubs and his little humans, but can be a bit of an a*hole to other dogs. 

Freddie is known in the office as the long snoot boy.

He loves liver treats, carrots and basically anything the little humans drop on the floor. 

Bear Taria Willoughby

GROODLE – 1.11.21

Nina’s 2 children were adamant they would one day get a puppy. So much so, they had come up with the name and allocated puppy duties years ago! (Note: said puppy duties have since fallen on Nina)
Bear was born at 1 am on 1.11.21 and he is wild, energetic, playful, fun and growing rapidly! He loves playing chase with the kids, the beach, belly rubs and a good old snuggle. He has also taken a liking to puddles, mud and dirt!


CAVOCKER – 30.09.2021

Named after Maddie’s Guzman Y Gomez order (Cali Burrito FYI), Cali would play fetch all day if possible, LOVES the dog park and grumbles like Marge Simpson if she doesn’t get her way. 

When they say owners look like their dogs, they are talking about Maddie and Cali – they are two peas in a pod and Maddie often refers to Cali as her fur-st born child.


German Short-haired Pointer  – 10.12.2011

Gino is a large 35kg cuddly GSP who loves being close to his family, known as the Big velcro dog. Gino is by far the largest Good boy. Gino loves long walks followed by a full day of snoozing on the lounge. 

Gino and his human brother Cody are the best of mates now that Cody is no longer trying to ride Gino around the house. This old boy is so loved! 


Pickles (Cavoodle), Angus (Jack Russell x Foxy) and Gerald (short-haired Tabby) liven up the Whittaker household. 

A 21st birthday gift for Troy, Pickles is by far the most affectionate, Angus is gun shy but loves a cuddle and Gerald is a tad standoffish – until he wants food! Aside from the odd swiping battle, the cat and dogs thankfully coexist peacefully.